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Kubrick's Dream

Used as the soundtrack to Ben Weaver's film Celluloid Dripping.

Die Dollar Die

Sung by Sydney artist Jospia 'Die Dollar Die' to accompany the book of the same name.

Taylor's Flight

Composed to accompany the Centenary Re-Enactment of George Taylor's Flight, Australia.

Is It Me?

Taken from PETER de Bermingham- the Musical . Obeying his dying mother's wish, Peter agrees to marry the English village girl Aedilthryd. However, he falls in love with a Norman - Nicole. Aedilthryd is consumed by her jealousy as she sings, 'Is It Me?'. This demo was sung by Sydney artist, 'Jospia'.

In Christ We Pay

Taken from PETER de Bermingham- the Musical The Lord's prayer in English of eleventh century, from the musical 'Peter de Bermingham'.

Long Long Ago

Taken from PETER de Bermingham- the Musical . Written to celebrate the real life hero of Robert Salisbury's hometown - Birmingham.

PETER de Bermingham- the Musical
More than 45 songs were composed for the musical. Here are some samples, in demo mode. Set in Medieval England after Norman Conquest, this is the true story of Peter de Bermingham. It details his fight to open a market place against the realities of Norman oppression.

Peter's family ruled Birmingham for 500 years, but are largely unknown. This two act muscial with black humour and a score of original songs, attempts to put his legacy on the map.